Forget about everything for 50€/month*
Request this option with included maintenance and let Smart Ride consult your company’s needs for last mile transportation. We give you the best model and brand for your needs and include many services:

Programmed monthly maintenance

25€ franchise for breakdowns

Integrated GPS tracking antenna (optional)


Renting, our mid-term and long-term rental model explained:

1) Smart Ride provides modified scooters for a better functioning and less chance of breakdowns:
– 10-inch wheels.
– We install “Smart Ride” versions of firmware, reducing top speed or even augmenting scooter power depending on your company’s needs.

2) “Programmed maintenance” – Smart Ride will travel to your location every month to perform the following maintenance actions caused by normal wear and tear:
– Adjustment of the folding mechanism
– Adjustments of the mast and handlebar
– Adjustment of the steering system
– Adjustment of the brake
– Firmware updates and mods
– Lights check-ups
– Check the tire pressure

3) We also produce a report where the customer can have the detailed information about those parts or pieces that need changing or repairing. Having your scooter 100% operational is what drives us.

4) 25€ Franchise:
For maintenance actions and mechanical repairs that are not included in the programmed maintenance, the company will pay up to 25€ per action / spare part.

5) We provide a replacement vehicle as long as the repair takes longer than 24h to perform.

6) Our scooters are protected by a Liability Insurance in case an accident occurs from “faulty conservation or maintenance”.

7) We offer you the best GPS tracking services in the market.
Never lose sight of your scooters and your users to improve efficiency and safety.

*Get in touch with our B2B department and we’ll give you all the details about this product and its rates.


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